Javagruppemøde 120: Xtend and Xtext

We are lucky to be able to hold introductions to two new, closely related languages that have grown out of the Eclipse environment recently - Xtend and Xtext.

Both extend Java in the direction of Domain Specific Languages, and the introductions will be presented by Sven Efftinge, project lead on Xtend and Xtext and Sebastian Zarnekow, co-architect on Xtend and Xtext - both working for Itemis in Kiel.


Practical information, see below.

Xtend - The Java Developer's Silver Bullet

Xtend is a statically typed programming language that complements Java. It is translated to readable Java source code, so you have 100% control over what's going on and can even use all of your beloved Java tools. In any Java project, Xtend helps to cut down the amount of boiler-plate code significantly and get a more readable and maintainable codebase as a result.
In this session, you'll learn how Xtend's powerful features increase the productivity and make programming more fun than ever

Xtext - Domain-Specific Languages not only for Java Developers

Are you bored of writing boilerplate code? Are you drowning in XML files? Do you have to verify every single change with long running integration tests? Xtext is here to your rescue. Xtext makes it easy to build domain specific languages that are tailored to provide the best notation to describe your program’s structure and behavior. Code generation allows to integrate frameworks and languages that seemed unbridgeable before. A smart editor for your language makes you efficient and detects errors before they break tests.This session provides an overview of the features and capabilities of Xtext and shows its benefits by example.

About the presenters

Sebastian Zarnekow

Sebastian Zarnekow works for Itemis and lives in Kiel, Germany. As the co-architect of Xtend and Xtext, he is specialized in language design, language implementation and IDE development. Sebastian presents at international conferences and writes articles for magazines.

Sven Efftinge

Sven Efftinge is a passionate software developer who loves kite surfing, music and good food. He works for Itemis and is the project lead of Eclipse of Xtend, a statically-typed programming language for the JVM, and Xtext, a framework for developing programming languages and domain-specific languages. Sven is married, father of two kids and lives in Kiel, Germany.

Practical information

The meeting has been canceled due to lack of participants.

Copenhagen 4th December 2013 at 15:00-19:00

Aarhus 5th December 2013 at 15:00-19:00

During the break and afterwards there will be time to network and enjoy a snack and a light refreshment.

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