Årskonference 2009

Alternative Enterprise Java

It is indeed exciting times to be a Java developer in. Lots of stuff is happening in the Java space and it’s hard to predict what kind of development space we will be working in in the future.
Will all our Java code run in a cloud somewhere ?
Is “domain centric application development” the new magic wand we should be waving at our Java code ?
Does the advent of the new Spring application server mean that our old application servers should retire to a sunny beach somewhere?

Javagruppen wants to answer all of these questions - and more ! - at our annual conference on the 9th
and 10th of January 2009.

Join us and meet Rickard Öberg and get an in-depth view on his new exciting project, Qi4j (qi4j.org)

Get an update on Spring by Joris Kuipers from SpringSource and learn more about Groovy and Grails from Guillaume Laforge.

And last but not least - Neal Ford will be rejoining us this year - and Bruce Eckel will join the conference for the first time !

Don’t miss it !!!

Read more about the speakers here

Checkout the agenda here here

The conference is located at Hindsgavl Castle in Denmark, which is a small beautiful castle from around the 1200th century.


The attendance fee is:

  • Members of Javagruppen 4.595,00 DKK
  • Non-members of Javagruppen 5.595,00 DKK

Price is paid in advance. Cancellation more than 30 days prior to the conference will result in a 50% refund. Cancellation after this time is not eligible for refund.

The price includes conference fee, acommodations and all meals. The price is based on Danish currrency, and does not include VAT.
Price may differ if payment is made in another currency


javagruppen Vi har stadigvæk ledige pladser til J-Cafe i Århus d. 11. Oktober, læs mere og tilmeld dig på: https://t.co/yl4bqjepTC
javagruppen Husk vi holder J-Cafe gå-hjem møde den11. oktober i Aarhus. Tag din laptop med og nørd sammen med os. Der bliver se… https://t.co/W2i010Sm3c
javagruppen Vi holder J-Cafe gå-hjem møde den11. oktober i Aarhus. Tag din laptop med og nørd sammen med os. Der bliver servere… https://t.co/L8M3FDlC2L
javagruppen .@jeppec er gået på for at gøre os klogere på microservices #gåhjemmøde https://t.co/iPLAV3y0N0