Årskonference 2008

Enterprise Open Source Java



Javagruppens årskonference er nu overstået og vi takker alle deltagere for at være med til at gøre årskonferencen til et vellykket event.

Du kan se slides fra konferencen her.
Der vil løbende blive lagt video optagelser fra præsentationerne op på ovenstående link.

Så sjovt kan man have det som Java nørd :-)


The theme of the conference is "Enterprise Open Source Java" and we are interested in how
companies can benefit from using open source in enterprise solutions.

Javagruppen has invited some of the best qualified people on the surface of this small planet. They will provide us with their insight and will be available for discussions during the whole conference.

Conference structure
Thursday the conference is held in one room with consecutive sessions introducing the themes of the conference.

Friday the conference is split up into two tracks where the speakers will go into depth with selected subjects.

The conference closes with a speakers panel moderated by our chairman.

Agenda Thursday 7th

09.00-09.30Arrival and breakfast 
09.30-10.00IntroductionMartin Boel
10.00-11.00Why the Next Five Years Will Be About Languages Ted Neward
11.00-12.00JRuby: Java and Ruby in HarmonyOla Bini
13.00-14.00JBoss: The Open Source Enterprise platformJesper Pedersen
14.00-15.00Seven Groovy usage patterns for Java developersDierk König
15.00-15.30Coffee break
15.30-16.30No More Hops! - towards a linearly scalable application infrastructure

Owen Taylor
16.30-17.30Pragmatic ArchitectureTed Neward
20.30-?Social event - fireside chat and networking 

Agenda Friday 8th

TimeTranesalenLouises terasse
09.00-10.15Groovy live - an interactive coding session !
Dierk König
Coding session with GigaSpaces
Owen Taylor
10.30-11.45JRuby on Rails
Ola Bini
JBoss Seam: An introduction
Jesper Pedersen
12.30-13.45Closing remarks and panel discussion 


javagruppen We are looking for speakers to this year https://t.co/Yk9I1EWOKt conference. Please help us spread the word #nettyhttps://t.co/ml4WqTUG5X
javagruppen Remember to add the 11 & 12th June to the calendar for this year https://t.co/Yk9I1EWOKt. In the meantime enjoy Nic… https://t.co/gvosPvZANO
javagruppen Husk at vi holder generalforsamling i javagruppen den 22. marts i Århus hos OpenMinds, og i Glostrup hos Lund & Ben… https://t.co/rI80qwHaBa
javagruppen Husk at vi holder generalforsamling i javagruppen den 22. marts i Århus hos OpenMinds, og i Glostrup hos Lund & Ben… https://t.co/Yb5G2xZwk7