Årskonference 2006

Enterprise client application development

The Hindsgavl 06 conference
Javagruppen invites you to attend an intimate conference in January 2006

The theme of the 2006 edition of Javagruppens conference is "Enterprise client application development" – in Java, of course.

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The conference is located at Hindsgavl Castle in Denmark, which is a small beautiful castle from around the 1200th century. The conference will be held on January 27-28, which is in the winter in Denmark, and hopefully the snow will add to the atmosphere of the castle with its 1700 century interior.

The blueprint of the conference is one whole Friday and one half Saturday. Throughout Friday we have approximately 6 to 7 general sessions elaborating on the conference theme. Saturday is mostly small tutorial sessions, in which we find the time to go into depth with things the theory taught Friday.

Social wise, we arrange a dinner Friday evening, and afterwards we serve the coffee in the libraries and anterooms of the castle, allowing people to socialise with the speakers. We will not allow more than 75 people attending, so everything will happen in an intimate atmosphere. Between Friday and Saturday we will be staying at the castle.

From 9am Friday 27th January 2006 to 3pm Saturday 28th January 2006

Including board, lodging, dinner etc:

Members of Javagruppen 4.595,- DKK.
Non-members 5.595,- DKK.

Price is paid in advance. Cancellation more than 30 days prior to the conference will result in a 50% refund. Cancellation after this time is not eligible for refund.


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