Javagruppemøde den 9. februar hos Systematic i Aarhus

Javagruppen afholder møde hos Systematic, Søren Frichs Vej 39, 8000 Aarhus. Den 9. februar kl. 16.30-19.30 har vi et helt fantastisk program om Apache Camel.


 Introduction to Apache Camel - Ibsen
 Web console tooling - Ibsen
 A practical example of applying Camel in homecare application - Therkildsen
 Get started with Apache Camel Intellij plug-in - Harms

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Aage Nielsen/Thomas Borg Salling

Claus Ibsen

Claus Ibsen works full time at Red Hat on open source integration software, such as Apache Camel, ActiveMQ, fabric8, hawtio and author of the Camel in Action book. Claus is very active in the communities, where he help others, blogs, writes, and tweet as well.

Introduction to Apache Camel

We start with an introduction to what Apache Camel is, and how you can use Camel to make integration much easier. Allowing you to focus on your business logic, rather than low level messaging protocols, and transports. You will also hear what other features Camel provides out of the box, which can make integration much easier for you.


We look into web console tooling that allows you to get insight into your running Apache Camel applications, which has among others visual route diagrams with tracing/debugging and profiling capabilities. In addition to the web tooling we will also show you other tools in the making.


Søren Heintzelmann Therkildsen

Application developer/operations and support specialist working mainly with integrations and large scale enterprise Java projects in healthcare.
I like learning about new technologies and working closely with customers and users.
Specialties: Java, J2EE, JBoss, Camel, Oracle, MariaDB, SQL, TIBCO, WebSphere, XML

A practical example of applying Camel in homecare application.
In systematic we have created an electronic homecare journal (da. EOJ) to be used by municipalities to manage homecare. We integrate to national services to get citizen information, interact with hospitals and general practitioners and to keep track of medication in the shared Danish medicine card (FMK). I would like to show some examples of integrations, with a focus on how testing is supported by Camel.

 Flemming Harms

I’m a freelance enterprise software developer and architect with more than 17 years of experience in Java and Java EE. Specialised in Java EE and JBoss technologies, and have worked with architecture, design, implementation, performance optimization, cracking hard problems, and as scrum master. 

Get started with Apache Camel Intellij plug-in


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