Vi har inviteret 2 eksperter fra VirtusLab, og Ronald Dehuysser til følgende program:

  • 16:00 - 17:00 Arthur will talk about Green and Energy Efficiency in the JVM of 2024
  • 17:00 - 18:00 Jacek will talk about Annotation Processors of 2024
  • 18:00 - 19:00 JobRunr presented by Ronald Dehuysser Pizza’s and networking.

Tilmelding: Meetup

Dagsorden for JCafe med VirtusLab

Vi mødes hos Sopra Steria, Skindergade 45-47 · København

  • 16.00 Arthur will talk about Green and Energy Efficiency in the JVM of 2024

Presented by Artur Skowroński

The purpose of this presentation is to introduce current initiatives, protocols, and tools that help application developers make their products more “green” and sustainable - all in the context of JVM. In an era of increasing ecological awareness, the internal need to care for our planet, and (gulp) regulatory pressure, technology cannot (I’ll remind you again of the regulatory pressure) lag.

If you don’t want to go through a situation like GDPR again - I invite you to review what every programmer should know about current trends that will probably catch up with us all soon. I will also show practical ways of monitoring using JoularJX Java Agent, but also share the limitations and problems of existing solutions in practical implementation.

  • 17.00 Annotation processor of 2024. Magical, cumbersome or a powerful tool?

Presented by Jacek Dubikowski

Even though annotation processing has been present in Java since 1.6, I noticed that the topic is esoteric for most of the Java world and only recently has gained some traction. Due to this fact, I would love to introduce it to you so you can add it to your toolbox.

  • 18.00 A Java 8 lambda and JobRunr is all you need for distributed background jobs!

Presented by Ronald Dehuysser

Are you struggling with CPU-intensive tasks, high I/O work, or do you need to schedule background jobs without blocking the rest of your system? I often see teams building a scheduling solution themselves, severely underestimating the complexity of running jobs asynchronously. A costly endeavour, especially with a simple, free and open-source solution readily available.

During this fun session, I will introduce you to JobRunr: the ultimate open-source library for background processing in Java, recommended by ThoughtWorks. By transforming Java lambdas into distributed background tasks, JobRunr allows you to run any job at any time and on any JVM. We’ll delve into its diverse features such as job persistence, automatic retries, scalability (hello k8s), and the integrated dashboard to provide you with a good grasp of the possibilities. Oh, and did you know it also works on GraalVM?

After this session, you’ll have a good idea of what JobRunr is, how it does it’s magic and how it will allow you to focus on delivering value to your end users instead of implementing scheduling over and over again.

En bid pizza

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