Vi er rigtig glade for at kunne invitere til gå-hjem møde i Glostrup den 28. november, klokken 17:00-20:00, hos:

Lund&Bendsen A/S
Naverland 2, 15. sal 2600 Glostrup

Max Rydahl Andersen kommer og fortæller om Quarkus, og Claus Ibsen kommer og fortæller om CamelK.

Tilmelding er nødvendig via: Meetup


  • 17:00 - 18:00 - Quarkus - Max Rydahl Andersen
  • 18:00 - 18:30 - Sandwiches og vand
  • 18:30 - 19:30 - Camel K - Claus Ibsen
  • 19:30 - 20:00 - Networking og afsked

Med javagruppe hilsner
Martin Boel

Quarkus - making Java relevant again

Speaker: Max Rydahl Andersen, Distinguished Engineer, Red Hat

Danish, living and working out of Switzerland as Red Hat Distinguished Engineer. 15+ year experience in developing professional open source. Worked on Hibernate core & tools, lead JBoss Tools & Developer Studio, one of the architects behind and now core member of focusing on its developer experience.


Quarkus flips your assumption about how fast and small Java can be. It gives you super fast start uptimes and small memory and disk footprint. Perfect fit for usage in Cloud Native and Serverless applications.

Come to this talk to hear about an introduction to Quarkus, how it was made, what it does and why it makes Java relevant again.

Title: Cloud-native integration with Apache Camel on Kubernetes

Speaker: Claus Ibsen, Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

Works for Red Hat on the open source integration project Apache Camel. Author of Camel in Action books. Java Champion. ASF member. International speaker.


Cloud-native applications of the future will consist of hybrid workloads: stateful applications, batch jobs, microservices, and functions, wrapped as Linux containers and deployed via Kubernetes on any cloud.

In this session, we will explore key challenges with function interactions and coordination, addressing these problems using Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) and modern approaches with the latest innovations from the Apache Camel community:

Apache Camel 3
Camel K
Camel Quarkus

Apache Camel is the Swiss army knife of integration, and the most powerful integration framework. In this session you will hear about the latest features in the brand new 3rd generation.

Camel K, is a lightweight integration platform that enables Enterprise Integration Patterns to be used natively on any Kubernetes cluster. When used in combination with Knative, a framework that adds serverless building blocks to Kubernetes, and the subatomic execution environment of Quarkus, Camel K can mix serverless features such as auto-scaling, scaling to zero, and event-based communication with the outstanding integration capabilities of Apache Camel.

We will show how Camel K works. We’ll also use examples to demonstrate how Camel K makes it easier to connect to cloud services or enterprise applications using some of the 300 components that Camel provides.